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The first set of cards combining Rune and herbs

 “The wonderful combinations of mysterious Runes and healing herbs with the fresh illustrations which are as delicate as European handbooks of herbs.”

Claudia Yeh


I’ve been practicing Tarot for 20 years since I was 15. I love to live with Tarot, astrology and aromatherapy, to combine mythology and literary, as well as to taste the interests of Occultism. From tasting black teas, I fall in love with herbs and aromatherapy. I’m good at creating customized essential oils and herbal magic from Tarot counseling and reading. Working on mastering aromatic witchcraft.


U.S. National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) Certified advanced Aromatherapist

​Taiwan Astrology Organization certified diviner

Tarot & Healing

The service from Claudia Studio includes divination and workshops in both Tarots and Aromatherapy. There are all kinds of Tarot, Runes, spices and Western herbs and astrology reading. We also have programs which can help you relax not only body, but also mind, such as energy massage with essential oils and crystal healing treatments.

For the mystics and aromatherapy enthusiasts, we have also designed all kinds of related workshops and activities.

Cards & magical oils
Customized products

You can purchase Claudia’s original products from our shop, including the unique painting Tarot cards, customized magical oils and charms, and beautiful and mysterious handmade products collected from the world.

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