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Basic Rune magic rituals

Workshop includes:

What is Rune magic? 

The types of Rune magic,

24 ways to use Rune magic,

charm patterns,

how to use Rune to create sacred space,

the magic rituals

Basic Runes Reading

Runes were the magic characters created from the Nordic. It is said that the Runes were a gift from Odin. Nowadays, inscriptions and artifacts with Runes still can be found in Northern Europe, such as Sweden. There are also a large number of formal archeological studies about Runes..


The rise of modern Rune divination was in the late 1970s, with the new century culture, and it spread to all over the world. As different groups have different interpretations, some of the characters are not clear, hence, there are  controversies.  Runes in Taiwan is not as popular as Tarots, but due to its present in video games and the promotion of some fortunetellers, some are interested in it. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to find books related to Rune divination.


Workshop includes:

Nordic mythology,

Runes meaning,  

divination method,

divination interpretation

Painting herbal Runes

It’s natural for a diviner to create his/her own ritual and the divination tools. When you pay full attention to your work, you bring it the energy and power of life. The runes handmade by you will always keep its close connection with you because it’s part of your life.

If you are eager to make your very own runes, we have templates for you to use in our workshop. Don’t let the compositions and painting skills bother you.

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