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About Claudia



Numerology of life/ astrology

Runes/herbal divination

Customized magical oils and Sachet

Teaching of astrology and Aromatherapy

Commercial events

Claudia Yeh

Claudia has been loving painting since she was a kid; due to the love of painting, she entered the world of Occultism and Tarots. She has fell in love with Tarots from junior high school. She loves astrology, spices and herbs. Her favorite black tea brings her into the world of plants.  Fascinated by the magic, hence, she began to grow herbs, but found herself not a green thumb. Longing for the spice country and delicacies, she learns to cook the dishes with spices. Also a big fan of Indian curry.


Her favorite divination is Tarot and Runes. She is eager to do more than counseling so that she becomes an aromatherapist to heal more people. Claudia, who is not only a diviner but also an aromatherapist, came up with many healing techniques that combine divination and aromatherapy.


In her delicate and elegant witch hut, there are her paintings, a variety of herbs, magical oil and interesting collections from around the world. She was eager to help those who come to seek for answers and healing with the most natural energy, including herbs, essential oils, and crystals.


In addition to counseling, Claudia also teaches in workshops of mystery and aromatherapy.  Workshops, sorcerers' meetings, mystic activities and classes are held in Claudia Studio.

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