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The Sacred Amora Cards Workshop

The Sacred Amora Cards, created by a Japanese aromatherapist, is a set of cards with fresh painting style and profound meaning of essential oils. There are 33 cards in total to go with 33 kinds of basic essential oils.


Workshop combines essential oils, magic and meditation, which is a complete presentation of the essence of the original cards. Claudia will lead attendants to feel the energy of essential oils. Those who are new to aromatherapy welcome.


Workshop includes:
Card explanation


Four elements meditation

Constellation Zodiac magical oil for love

We have been creating the magical oil for love for three years in 2017.


Books and TV shows keep telling you what to do in order to find live, but what we want the most is to be yourself. The new generation of girls want to be true to themselves. Only being your true self can help to find the right partner.


Let’s display your personal charisma, and pray to the guardian of Venus Aphrodite who is also the goddess of beauty. You can create your personal essential oils based on your own astrology chart.


Workshop includes:

1. to know your Sun and Venus constellation essential oils

2. Essential oil safety instructions

3. annual Tarot analysis on love issue

4. modulation your own oil (10ML)

5. pray ceremony


You will have:

1. your own magical oil for love 10ml

2. personal astrology chart

3. annual Tarot analysis on love

4. the brochure of Sun and Venus corresponding oil

5. a small candle for pray

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